Our inventory includes products for the following:

  • interior walls and ceilings from USG Interiors
  • commercial and residential construction
  • exterior cladding, including STO™ Corp.

StoGuard Air / Weather/ Vapor Barrier Systems by Sto Corp.

Vapor Permeable and Non Permeable Air Barrier Assembly Systems

Vapor Barriers are typcally used in climates that are either predominantly hot or cold year round. This is because these climates have a consistent vapor drive inside to outside or outside to inside) that does not shift with the change in seasons. StoGuard with VaporSeal is a fluid applied vapor barrier that is used in place of housewrap or building wrap to provide superior protection against moisture intrusion and air leakage, saving energy and helping improve indoor air quality. In addition, it can be left uncovered for extended time during the construction process, simplifying scheduling and protecting exposed sheathing from moisture, mold and mildew.

Sto VaporSeal fluid-applied products can be used in place of building wrap or housewrap with other claddings including metal panels, cement board, vinyl, wood, brick, stone, etc. This allows for StoGuard to be used on the entire building when more than one cladding is chosen for a project.In addition to saving energy and improving indoor air quality, StoGuard products incorporate post industrial recycled content which can contribute to LEED credits in material and resources.

Air Barriers - Protection StoGuard – Air barriers are required in building walls, regardless of region or climate. StoGuard’s continuous, fluid-applied waterproof air barrier membrane bonds directly to sheathing or other substrates to resist air and water penetration.
Moisture Barrier – StoGuard is a moisture barrier that protects against the damaging effects of incidental water that can enter and damage wall components.
Vapor Diffusion – Sto’s system aids in preventing water vapor from getting trapped inside walls.
StoGuard, part of the StoEnergy Guard product family of advanced cavity wall systems.

  • Permeable air barriers allow moisture vapor to pass through the membrane.
  • Impermeable (Vapor Barriers) air barriers block moisture vapor as well as air.

Determining whether you need a permeable or impermeable air barrier primarily depends on climate and wall design. Please contact your local NexGen Building Supply representative for more information on this topic.

StoGuard is a waterproof air barrier that:

  • Is a commercial grade membrane that seals and protects your building
  • Is ICC code recognized for performance
  • Helps prevent up to 40% energy loss according to the Department of Energy
  • Protects sheathing and CMU
  • Is used behind eifs, stucco, brick, vinyl, cement board, siding and metal panels
  • Meets requirements of the Air Barrier Association of America and is included in their specifications


NexGen is pleased to announce the release of a cutting edge interior coating developed by Sto Corp.

Introducing : StoCoat Climasan® odor neutralizing interior coatings.

StoCoat Climasan is an innovative interior wall and ceiling coating that when exposed to a light source will neutralize odors in the air. This easy to apply single component acrylic latex requires no special equipment or application methods. StoCoat Climasan contains Visible Light Catalysts (VLC) that continuously degrade organic compounds and pollutants and remains active for as long as the coating is exposed to light.

Benefits include:

Actively improves indoor air quality

• VLC are activated by natural daylight or artificial interior lighting

• Degrades organic compounds to eliminate indoor odor

• VOC less than 5 grams per liter

 Saves time and money

• High quality washable interior flat

• Dirt and surface stains clean off

• Use on both walls and ceilings

• Use on plaster, drywall, brick and CMU

Easy application and clean up

• Smooth flowing acrylic latex for exceptional hiding and finish
• Soap and water clean up


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